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Man is it quiet in here. No whirring of fans, blinking lights or muted hum of hard drives being accessed; just the slightly oily smell of the air handlers and barely audible sound of air moving through the vents in the floor. This is a well-designed server room not unlike many server rooms I have been in. But this one is quiet and that is never good. Every server, firewall, workstation, wireless access point, switch, router and laptop are turned off and sitting mute waiting for me to resurrect them.

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It’s time to go to work. 10:13 a.m. on a Tuesday is as good as any I guess. I personally prefer to work during the day unlike my peers who like to ply their trade in the dark of night. Maybe it has to do with their mindset or the knowledge that what we do is supposed to be wrong and it affects how/when they work. Not me.

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It is 2:54 on a sunny Fall afternoon in Greenwich Village. In six minutes I will either be a very wealthy man or in a hell of a lot of trouble and on the run. This all started a month ago today when the love of my life Chris dragged me to my fourth Broadway show in as many weeks.

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Ah the sweet smell of success. Five months ago I was a printer/copier salesman. Today I have $1.9 million dollars of untraceable Bitcoin and am trying to figure out what part of the world I want to live in while I expand my trade.  I want someplace sunny and warm (too many cold days in Massachusetts have forever left me with a “tan deficit”) with a stable economy, stable political structure and, of course, local law enforcement that can be bought and no extradition laws.

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