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This is a pretty cool intro video that one of the co founders at Bellcurve used for his Ethical Hacking class at USF. Gives and interesting insight into what makes a good hacker.


To allow us to provide you with our the best support experience possible please follow the below instructions for accessing our remote support tool:


Step 1: Click this link to open a the support website with a username/password prompt as appears below: https://bellcurvetechnology.com:2078

Step 2: enter the username "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." and the password "helpme" (do not include the ") and it takes you to the page below:

Step 3: click on the link for "Bellcurve Client.exe" (OR Bellcurve Mac Client.zip if you are running a Mac) and download it to your computer. This works on both Windows and Mac computers. Once downloaded (usually to your download folder) double click the the program to begin running it.


Step 4: The below box will ask if you want to install Supremo or just run it. The default is checked to "Run Supremo" so just hit accept


Step 5: Tell your support Engineer your ID and password and they will connect to help you.

We were performing an audit on one of our customers who had a "friend of the family" doing their IT work for them. We do a LOT of work with friends of the family, nephews, nieces, you name it (we call this "near-sourcing") and provide assistance where needed. For this one the "friend" had proclaimed the Internet facing server safe. One hour and 12 minutes later, he found out how safe it wasn't because he forgot to configure a timeout for failed logins. As we say "The bad guys only need to get lucky once, but we have to be perfect all the time". Thanks to Ari and his team for allowing us to publish this after- we fixed it of course!.    

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A very short video on how to update Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

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