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To understand the history of Bellcurve one must go back to 2004 when the Cybrix Group was formed. Cybrix was formed to service government contracts in the technology sector and concentrated specifically on supplying people and technology to the Department of Defense and the Nation’s Intelligence agencies.

In 2011 Cybrix investigated and represented the largest medical breach in the United States. After 18 months of interaction with OCR, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement agencies the customer was found to be free from blame for the breach and no fines of any kind were ever levied.

In 2005 Mr. Brian Belford joined the Cybrix Group to provide services to the US Special Operation Command (SOCOM) as a Tier 3 Microsoft Certified Security Engineer.

In 2013 Cybrix investigated and represented the second largest medical data breach in the country in the last decade. After a three year investigation the client was found NOT liable for the data breach and continues operations today.

In 2006 Mr. Phil DuMas joined Cybrix as a Vice President of Engineering services and oversaw multiple projects including the establishment and operation of an unclassified test bed- one of only three of its kind in the world.

In late 2014 The Cybrix Group was approached with their largest contract to date that offered a teaming agreement with one of the largest defense agencies in the USA. After much discussion and many sleepless nights it was decided that Cybrix was going to focus on government contracts only and that the commercial side would be sold off. What no one on the board at Cybrix counted on was the Engineers who had established a close relationship with their customers on the commercial side that would not want to leave their customers. In January of 2015 a very amenable agreement was reached with Cybrix to allow the Engineers and staff that chose to stay with their customers to do so under a “spin off” company named Bellcurve Technology.

In 2010 the decision was made to begin offering the commercial sector the same level of Engineering expertise Cybrix had been offering the Government sector for years with a focus on the Medical and Financial sectors.