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We get this question A LOT. Bellcurve Technology is proud to serve customers all over the world. Security and legislation does not just happen in the USA, it is global. Many do not realize that privacy and security laws in the EU are MUCH more stringent than we have here! We have a process that allows us to ship devices to the site to be audited that allows us access without having to physically be there.

For most companies it is less than you would think. We charge by the hour for our services in 15 minute increments and we DO NOT charge while our tools are running in "auto-pilot" or gathering information. A good rule of thumb is that it takes about an hour to audit a workstation and 2-3 hours to audit a server (Windows- for other Operating Systems contact us). We also audit Firewall configurations, Switch/Router configurations, Wireless AP configurations (a favorite of hackers to exploit) and much, much more.

Penetration testing is when we perform a double-blind assessment of your external (Internet) facing connections. A member of our Security Team is given your IP addresses and nothing more. They run between 60-80 testing tools to determine if they could penetrate your security and cause damage. Due to the amount of tools that are run and the time it takes for them to complete it can take a week or more to test a single IP address depending on the connection type and sensitivity of the equipment we are testing against. Again, this service is offered by the hour and a good rule of thumb is about 8 hours per IP address tested.

Absolutely. If it is technical we can help- that is why we call it "Full Spectrum Technology Management". We can provide a review of everything from new servers and operating systems to a new campus wide wireless install all the way down to the best workstations for your practice or business. Considering a new EMR/EHR? We have had the opportunity to work with the top ten in the industry and can help guide you to a decision based on your needs, not a sales persons quota.

This is another argument we hear all the time. The truth of the matter is that the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) does not discriminate based on size, and they do not discriminate with their fines either! Many people think they don't have that many patients or that the government barely knows they exist, but they would be very, very wrong. Consider the case of Hospice of Northern Idaho that was Fined for the disclosure of less than 500 names. The fine was $50,000 and OCR would NOT allow them to appeal it.