Technology Monitoring and Maintenance

Bellcurve Technology

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Technology Monitoring and Maintenance

24/7 Network Monitoring and Maintenance of ALL Network Devices!

We will watch over your network—detecting network, system, and application level failures. In the event of an outage, real-time notifications will be sent to our system administrators with a copy to you via e-mail or SMS. Once alerted, our system administrators take corrective action to restore your services. We also provide System Maintenance services to increase reliability which translate into increased productivity and peace of mind. This will allow your business to focus on what it does best.

What We Monitor:

  • Continuous monitoring of scheduled devices:
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Hard Disks
    • Bandwidth Utilization
  • Daily monitoring of system logs for applications, logins, security, etc…
  • Monitoring network up/down status
  • Management reporting
  • Hacking attacks
  • Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
  • Malicious scanning
  • Phishing attacks

We monitor Firewalls, Web Servers, Portals, Email Server and Application Servers so you don't have to!